The Chinese government is in talks with a number of Malaysian companies over the production and sale of a new strain of cannabis, which could lead to the introduction of legal medicinal use of the drug in the country.

The company, a company called Nail Pins, has been selling nail polish and nail art products in Malaysia for more than 10 years, but it has yet to secure a license to sell marijuana in the Malaysian market.

The government is currently looking into the possibility of granting a license for the company to sell cannabis, but the government’s position has not yet been finalised.

Malaysia is currently a closed market for marijuana, which is classified as Schedule 1, alongside heroin and LSD.

The drugs are currently banned in the United States.

But Malaysia is also a member of the Organisation of the International Cannabis Industry (OICI), which has said it will work to get the country’s cannabis market back on track.

The Malaysian government has also set up a task force on the legalisation of marijuana in 2017, which has so far seen progress.

In June, the country was ranked the number one country for the number of people killed by drugs, after a string of attacks by Chinese nationals.

It has also been the site of a series of raids by Chinese security forces, and a number other incidents involving foreign nationals.

In March, police detained four Chinese nationals on suspicion of illegally importing cannabis from the United Arab Emirates.