The nail plant was once one of the world\’s largest, and now it has shut down its entire operation.

Nailsmiths and nail artists around the world were left in the dark about how the plant had shut down, as the plant was located in the US.

The plant had been shut down since February due to an explosion at its facility, and the plant\’s owner, a Dutch company, Nels Plant, told ABC News it had not received any insurance payments from the company.

Nels Plant has been operating for more than a decade, and has been the only nail plant in the world to employ a full-time staff.

It is now the biggest nail plant, with a workforce of about 6,000 people, and it\’s not the first time the plant has been shut.

Nals Plant closed its doors for good in 2010, and when the plant reopened in 2011, the plant went into a state of emergency due to a fire, which took down part of the plant.

It\’s estimated that over 1.5 million nails were sold worldwide.

The nail plant is located in Virginia, which is a major nail supplier for the US, with the US as the world leader in nail production.

The owner of Nels plant, Dutch company Nels Plc, told the BBC it did not receive any insurance money from NelsPlc.