The nails in nail plants are usually covered in glue.

But the glue is hard to remove, so if you can’t remove it yourself, you can get someone else to do it for you.

You’ll need to find a nail shop, but the process is not too complicated.

You could ask someone who is willing to work on your nails.

It can cost you around $200 for a few dozen nails.

Once you have your nails, make sure they are dry and neat.

They will look better when you dry them.

You can buy a variety of nail clippers at a local nail shop.

They are not cheap, but they can be used for very small nails.

If you have a long nail, use a larger, longer, metal nail clipper to trim off a little more of the glue.

This will help prevent the glue from sticking to the nail.

If your nails are big, you may need to trim them more.

You will probably want to cut off some of the nail polish too.

This can be done with a sharp knife or an angle grinder.

Make sure you don’t scratch the nail, which can cause the glue to stick to the nails.

For the next step, you’ll want to use a nail glue stick to apply a coating to your nails and nail polish.

This coating will keep the glue off the nail and make it look better.

The coating should be applied with a brush, but you can use a hand tool or a rolling pin to apply it.

Apply the nail glue coatings to the edges of the nails and then press them down with a rolled-up towel.

This way the nail will not stick to your nail.

Use a dry brush to apply the coating to the bottom of your nails so it sticks to your skin and stays there.

This is the last step.

You’re done!

You can use this process to create an elegant, manicured manicure.

The nail coatings look amazing when applied to the tips of your fingers.

If all of this looks daunting, you might want to check out the following video.

It shows how to apply nail polish and nail clippings to your fingertips and nails.