FourFourFourTwo Tigers nail plants are opening in western Missouri to serve the needs of those living in rural communities.

The Missouri Valley Industrial Alliance, a non-profit, announced on Friday that the plant in Mankato would be the first in the state.”MVIA is proud to bring our signature nail plants to the rural community of Western Missouri,” said the organization’s executive director, Mark Hurd.

“MVAA is excited to partner with the state’s first community-based nail plant to provide essential services to rural communities.”

The plant will operate in the town of St. Louis, a small community of less than 10,000 people.

The company said the project is designed to provide employment to people living in the rural area and to serve those who are unable to access services such as social services, healthcare, child care, education and transportation.

It will also provide services such a job training and mentoring, and to assist with housing.MVDA’s executive board includes local community leaders, and the plant is the latest in a series of nail plant projects the group is doing in the region.

The group is also working on two other plant projects in Missouri.

One will provide a service to those who cannot afford the cost of a full-time day care provider and the other will help those living with mental health issues.