Plant cover nails are a great way to keep your nails from falling off the plant you love.

They are easy to apply and last for weeks, but they can also become a little messy.

Here are some tips for using them to nail plant cover nails.


Choose a good shade of pink or blue nail polish that will complement your nails color.


Select a nail polish formula that is suitable for your nail colors.

For example, a red polish for a pink or orange nail will look better on a blue or pink nail than on a red nail.


Choose nail polish with a high coverage of nail polish remover, such as nail remover gel or nail removers for red, orange, pink, purple, green, and blue nail colors, which you can use on your nails, too.


Mix up the nail polish, applying it one nail at a time to make sure it coats the whole nail.


Mix the nail powder to get the desired color, but don’t overdo it.

For instance, if you use a nail removals gel, be careful to use a tiny bit of nail removes to get all of the polish out.


Keep the nail pads damp with a damp cloth to prevent nail clippings.


Apply nail polish to the underside of the nail, and leave for a couple of hours.


Brush the polish on your fingernails to give your nails a nice shine.


Once your nails have been manicured for at least a day, let the polish dry.


After your nails are dry, you can remove the nail covers.