California is rolling out a marijuana plant that can be used to kill harmful weeds in the soil.

The plant is being grown by a group of growers that include the giant nail plant and a weed-killing nail plant.

The nail plant is growing in an area near the California State University at Long Beach, and the weed-bloated nail plant has been growing in the desert.

The nail plant can be planted in a 3,000-foot long, 1.5-mile wide field with soil to a depth of up to 4 feet.

The soil is allowed to dry, and once the soil is dry, it can be sprayed with an herbicide that kills the weed.

The weed-killers, called carbamates, can also kill insects.

The weed-fighting plant is also being grown for the first time in the United States, and is being marketed by a company called Susta.

The company’s mission is to “reduce the environmental footprint and the environmental impact of marijuana,” according to a statement from its website.

The company says it is working with local growers to help them plant the nail plant on land that would otherwise be too wet for the weed to thrive.