Nails can be an extremely durable product.

They are also extremely fragile, especially in the event of a natural disaster.

Here are a few tips to keep your nails safe during the weed weed plant nail plant shutdown.

Keep nails away from windows and doors Keep nails from windows or doors when possible, and lock them in a locked box or cabinet.

The weed plant logo, which is painted on the nails, is one of the most common threats to your nails.

It is a sign that your nails are damaged, and is a common source of stress and fear for your nail plant.

In addition, the weed plants can be a hazard to pets, who may be attracted to the scent of the plant.

Always lock your door when you go outside to prevent the weed from spreading.

Keep pets away from the plant if possible.

Dogs and cats will often approach the plant and climb on top of it to sniff out the odor, which can cause stress and anxiety.

You can also apply a small amount of water to the plant, but it is best to leave the plant alone.

You will want to spray your nails every two to three days and use a water-based nail polish remover, which will remove the plant odor.

Do not attempt to remove the weed using a garden hose or bucket, as the weed can grow and reproduce quickly.

Keep your nails dry and secure by applying a protective cover such as a plastic bag or a paper towel.

Do this every two weeks to maintain a high-quality look.

Avoid wearing shoes or wearing loose clothing.

Protect your hands and feet with a long-sleeve shirt or pants.

Keep a dry, clean bedding area, and use hand sanitizer.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

When using your nail polish, apply it as you would any other nail polish.

Do a thorough cleaning with mild soap and a cotton swab.

The nail polish is very durable and will last for years.

Use a low-pigment polish, such as the one from The Polish Company, for the best color coverage.

Never leave the product unattended, and be sure to rinse it thoroughly after every use.

Never let the nail polish sit in your hands for more than a few seconds.

Never use nail polish that has been sitting in your makeup bag or on your skin.

Keep the nail plant safe from the sun, too.

Spray the weed planting logo on your nails before you go to sleep.

Always wear long-term sunscreen when outdoors.

Avoid swimming or other outdoor activities when the weed is not at home.

Always follow the directions on the bottle of your product.

If you are allergic to nails or your nail care products, consult your doctor or a physician.

Always check your nails periodically to make sure they are not getting damaged.

You may be able to prevent nail damage from the herbicide glyphosate, by using the weed spray to apply it.

The herbicide is a powerful, but sometimes ineffective herbicide.

In the event that you or a loved one becomes ill, call your doctor right away.