How to use marijuana nail polish, how to grow marijuana plants, and how to get rid of the seeds of the marijuana plant are among the tips of this handy guide for nail artists and others looking to learn how to nail marijuana plants. 

It’s all based on research, and you can find it in the book, The Complete Guide to Weed Nail Care: An Advanced Guide for the Professional by David P. K. Smith and Richard J. Dyer, both of whom are part of the University of Florida’s Weed Nails and Nail Arts Program. 

“It’s not the easiest plant to care for, but it’s one of the most popular,” said Kaitlyn Mancuso, who started out as a nail artist but now teaches at a local nail shop. 

You don’t have to be a professional to nail these plants, but you need to have a bit of experience to get a handle on how to care and grow them. 

This guide, which was written by two of Florida State University’s graduate students and is part of a series on marijuana nail care and cultivation, is designed to help nail artists learn how and when to nail the marijuana plants they want to grow. 

To get started, here’s how to start. 


Choose a nail art shop that sells nail polish. 

If you’re looking for a specialty shop to grow the marijuana weed plant, there are a few options. 

There are two primary types of nail shops: traditional nail shops that sell only specialty nails and nail art, and garden nail shops, which sell other nail art. 

Traditional nail shops can be found in major cities like New York and Los Angeles, and garden nail shops are the same everywhere. 

In general, if you want to buy nail art at a nail shop, you need a referral from a member of your local nail salon. 


Pick the right type of nail. 

Nail polish is made from a mixture of chemicals, like acetone, that are often used to make nail polish that is more durable. 

Garden nail artists also use other chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid, that can also be used to coat the nails, but the chemicals are generally less harmful to the nail than the nail polish itself. 

When you buy nail polish at a shop, it’s important to ask about the chemical content. 

Most nail shops use a percentage of the ingredients in their nail polish as well as the total amount of ingredients, and they use that information to determine which ingredients are suitable for the nail, said Michelle Poulsen, a nail technician at a Los Angeles nail salon who helped write the guide. 


Buy your supplies. 

Although some nail shops sell nail art supplies, most nail shops will only sell nail polish or nail art tools and supplies.

The nail art stores will sell you nail art and tools and nail supplies, but only if you bring them in.

For example, if your local shop only sells nail art brushes and nail polish brushes, you won’t be able to get the nail art that you need at a legitimate nail salon, and if you buy your supplies from a nail salon that sells products, you might have to spend more money on your nails. 


Use your tools. 

While nail artists can use the tools in their shop to cut, shape, and shape the nail and plant, they also use these tools for other purposes, including preparing them for their jobs, cutting or shaping their nails, and preparing their plants.

If you want a nail that’s more durable, it may be best to buy the best quality tools for the job, like a high-quality nail polisher or a super-quality cuticle tool, said Jennifer Hickey, a member at a Colorado nail salon where she works. 

A nail polish brush can be used for cutting, shaping, and shaping the nail or plant, and a super high-end nail brush is a great tool for trimming your nails, she said. 


Cut your nails into desired shapes. 

The most common shape to use for a marijuana nail is the thumb shape. 

For most marijuana plants with multiple stems, the most common way to cut the stem is to cut it into a circular shape.

Some marijuana plants are more difficult to cut and shape.

If you’re cutting the plant with your hand, you can use a knife, but this isn’t the best way to trim it.

Instead, you may want to use a razor blade or scissors. 


Grow the marijuana seed. 

Some marijuana plant plants are very sensitive to light and temperature, so you may need to grow them indoors or out of direct sunlight.

The plants should be grown in a dark room, so that they won’t rot or die. 


Get the plant seeds.