I had to learn a few tricks in order to nail the perfect nail in the city of London.

I’ll show you what I did. 

You can find a more detailed walkthrough of this technique at the Nail Sprayer Wiki and the Nail Spraying guide at the Nails Guide website.

The best place to start was the Hollywood to do the London nail.

It’s the only nail you can nail in London with no fuss.

It has a bit of a ‘bounce’ to it and you can make a great accent nail if you nail the whole nail. 

Holly and I picked out a very subtle white nail, which looks pretty simple, but really is a nail with lots of pigment.

Holly and I bought a lot of acrylic paint from a local nail salon, but the best place I found for nail paint was at Lancashire Beauty Salon, which was a little bit more expensive.

The salon was super helpful and the shop was decorated with lovely plants and a selection of nail art.

I was lucky enough to find the nail of my dreams!

It’s a simple red nail with a nice little spike.

We used the nail to create an accent nail with some flowers and a little pink polish, which I applied with a nail art brush.

We then used a spray bottle to spray the nail on top of a nail bed and let it dry.

You can see Holly and me getting a nice red nail polish and some flowers from the bottle.

The next nail to nail was the big white one in the middle.

This nail was a bit tricky to nail because it’s really high up on the nail bed.

Holly, who was the first to nail, had a tricky task to get it to look right.

She got it wet with a little spray bottle, then used the tip of a sharp brush to gently pry it up.

The nails didn’t look perfect, so Holly applied some nail polish over the top to make it look a bit more rounded.

She also applied a bit a light pink polish to make the nail shine.

After we were happy with the results, Holly gave me the best advice I’ve ever heard, “It’s really important to have a good nail polish.” 

It was a really good lesson in how to nail.

We could see Holly’s nails with the correct colors, and the nail art made the nail look great.

I also used a nail stencil, which is a bit different from a nail paint brush.

It doesn’t take paint to make a nail, but it takes a nail brush and a nail stamp to make one. 

In this case, I used a white nail stamp with some white paint on it.

It had to be quite clear because we were using it to nail it.

You can also use a nail polish brush with a stamp. 

When you nail a nail using a nail pen, you’ll be able to use the stamp to apply the nail polish.

Nail stencils are quite expensive, but they’re also pretty effective.

They’ll add a bit to the beauty of your nails, and it’s easy to keep track of the polish that you’ve used. 

For this nail, I got a black nail stamp that I applied over a white stamp and a black stamp that covered a white polish.

I also used some white polish on top. 

Next up was a white base nail that I had made up.

I went with a black base and black nail stenci.

I sprayed a small amount of nail polish on the white base and some nail ink on the black base.

This is the best part of the process because you can see the ink that’s on the top of the nail.

When you get it done, you can get the nail stamp done with a few coats of nail paint.

The next step is to add a small bead of pink nail polish to the nail and then add a little more pink polish over that.

This will make the nails sparkle.

You’ll want to use a brush to do this and let the nail dry a bit.

The nail art is done, and you’re now ready to nail some flowers.

Holly took a small black nail and painted a little red glitter on top, as well as a little sparkle on the base.

Holly added some pink polish and a few sparkles on top and painted some pink on the nails.

We had a bit too much pink, so I just dabbed some nail oil onto the nail, sprayed some nail paint over the nail surface and let that dry.

I let it set a bit, then wiped off some of the pink with a towel.

We used a small paintbrush and a small nail stamp.

The paint was very thin, so it took some time to get everything just right. 

Then I took a little nail stamp and added some glitter on it and let this dry for a bit before applying the nail stencicle. 

Once the nail was dry,