Posted October 16, 2018 07:31:15 Nails, or the nail polish in a variety of shapes and sizes, are one of the most popular beauty products around.

Nail plant owner and celebrity nail artist, Nails in Plants, has created a nail plant of his own design in a number of cities around the world. 

 “It’s about making the nail art I want,” he says.

“I like to create a nail that is my own.

The inspiration is so much from my favorite artists.”

Nails on the market in the United States are generally made of waxes and acrylics, and are sold as a product of their own design, but many cities around this world have adopted their own nail designs. 

“You’ll find many cities that are just creating nail plants to honor the artists, or to honor a specific place or person or event, like a city that has a nail show or a nail festival,” says Nails in Plant founder Kevin DeBlois.

“We like to celebrate the art and culture in each of these places and cities.

We really love nail plants and we have so many ideas for nail plants.” 

 DeBlois has had nail plants in his store for over a decade.

He has even started to sell them on Etsy.

“A lot of people come in with their own ideas and ideas are great, but sometimes people are not satisfied with the product they get,” he said. 

Nail plants, which are typically a few inches long and typically made of one to two layers of nail polish, are a popular trend among nail artists in the world, according to Nels on the Walls.

 A nail plant is not necessarily a good nail art, as they can leave behind clumps of polish.

But DeBlos said he believes that nail plants make up a large portion of the nail industry worldwide.

“You can’t go anywhere without a nail,” he said. 

According to DeBloms website, he and his business partner, Tom Wigdor, have sold more than 15,000 nails over the past 15 years.

“There’s so many different styles of nails that are made for a variety different people and there’s a lot of different things you can do with it,” he explained. 

While nail plants may not have a place in a nail salon, the artist’s desire to make nails has been very well received in nail shops, as DeBlois says nail plants have been a “big hit” at nail shows around the country.

“Nails on my wall have been amazing.

The people that work there love them, and they love the people that come to the show and are so impressed by them,” he told GQ. 

 “People say they love them.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy for a nail.” 

Nals in Plants is not the only nail art shop that is bringing the nail plant trend to the world stage. 

The Nails-On-The-Wall website, a collaboration between DeBloes and Tom Wigdor who also owns Neesh and Tom’s Fine Nails Salon in Atlanta, also sells nail plants. 

In fact, the shop is so popular that they have even opened their own nail shop in the Atlanta area. 

At the Nocks-On – The Wall nail shop, customers pay $5.95 for a dozen or so nails, or $14.95 for a full-size, five-pack of six or seven nails. 

To purchase nails, customers simply walk into the nocks shop and choose their own size and shape. 

DeBloes said that nail art was not always a trend for nail shops and that they wanted to make it easier for people to get involved. 

If a customer wants a different style of nail, they simply go into the nail shop and pick up a selection of the products that are available. 

It was a great way for me to help people get involved,” DeBloss said.

Nails-on-the-Wall is also offering free nail art classes and nail art lessons for kids ages five to 12 years old. 

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