You can use nails to create succulent flower or plant nails, as well as make beautiful plant art.

But you need to nail them with the right nail polish and nail polish remover, says beauty expert Laura St. John.

Here’s what you need.1.

Nail polish removers for nail polish nail polish polish removals are often used for the sake of adding a sparkle to your nails.

But nail polish removal products also come in handy when it comes to nails that don’t look good or when you’re just looking to add some sparkle.

Nails with an overly thick coat of polish removers can create a look of glitter or shine that’s difficult to remove.

These nail removers work by dissolving the polish into a solution of water and nail remover.

You can apply the remover to the outside of the nail and use it to remove the polish, or you can just apply it directly onto the nail to remove it completely.2.

Nicks removal nail polish nails can be a little tricky to remove because they can’t be wiped off with a damp cloth.

But if you follow these tips, you can remove the nicks without any hassle.

First, take the nail file and gently remove the excess polish off the nail.

You may need to gently push the excess nail polish off with the file.

Next, apply nail polish to the nail with a clean, dry cloth.

You should end up with a smooth, glossy polish.

This polish can be wiped down with a dry cloth to remove any leftover polish.3.

How to remove nail polish from nail polish baseStep 1.

Clean the nail base with water and a damp, dry paper towel.

Step 2.

Use a damp sponge or cotton swab to wipe off any excess polish.

Step 3.

Apply nail polish.

Apply the polish to your nail using the wet sponge or wet cotton swabs.

Step 4.

Using a dry towel, gently wipe off the excess.

Step 5.

Apply a damp nail polish brush to the surface of your nail.

Step 6.

Let the polish dry for 15 minutes.

Step 7.

Apply new nail polish using a clean nail polish file.

Step 8.

Apply the nail polish with a wet nail polish sponge.

Step 9.

Let it dry for five minutes.