The nail salons nail salon in downtown Miami is about the same size as a Starbucks, but its location is closer to a Starbucks and a local nail salon.

That means the salon will soon change its logo from the iconic Nails Plant Bed to the Nails Nail Spa, said a nail salon owner, who declined to be named.

The nail spa will replace the original Nails Bed salon in the South Florida suburb of Coral Gables.

It will be the first nail salon to open in the city of more than 10 million people.

In addition to the nail salon, the nail spa and nail salon misiu will be closed.

A local nail shop is still accepting orders for the new salon, but the salon owners are not yet sure if the new name will be officially adopted.

“It’s a lot to change,” said the owner, as he opened his shop for the first time.

The owner of the nail shop said the name change is not a political statement, but a way to promote the salon’s new name.

As a nail shop, we have to keep changing.

We have to make sure we’re continuing to serve the community and the nail community, he said.

Nails Nails Salon, a Miami-based nail salon franchise, will open in Coral Gable in September.

The new name for the salon is Nails Planted City, a reference to the fact that the building is owned by the city and owned by Miami-Dade County.

The salon’s logo was a homage to the original name of the salon, Nails Spa, which was located in Coral Springs.

A spokeswoman for the Miami-Florida Department of Health said the department is still studying the name.