A new logo for a new window-planting company has been unveiled in St Kilda.

The new ‘Tiger’ logo was created by Melbourne-based artist Mark Batey and was created to symbolise the Tigers’ ongoing effort to plant new trees in the area around their new home.

Mr Bateey’s ‘Tails’ window planters are set to be installed by Christmas.

The logo will be displayed at the new Tiger window planer, at the entrance to the new building.

Mr Patey said the logo was the result of a process of research and a collaborative process.

“It’s not something I came up with, I’m just very excited about it,” he said.

Mr Jager said he wanted the logo to represent the Tiger family as a whole, and not just to be a part of the new house.

“The logo is a tribute to the team who’s been there for the past 20 years,” he explained.

“I really wanted to show them that they’re still part of St Kildare, and they deserve to be in the St Kilean community.”

“I wanted to make it clear that it’s all part of our mission to bring Tiger back to St Killea,” Mr Jagers said.

“This will be the first of many Tiger windows, we hope to have many more across the city and around the world.”

Hopefully they can be seen on a big scale by people around the country.

“The new ‘St Kildaren’ building, with its green roof, will be completed in early 2018.

The Tiger’s brand new home in St Katherine will be one of the tallest buildings in the country, rising over 3,500ft (1,400m).

In recent years, the St Katherine Tigers have built a new house in St Catherine, and have recently completed a new stadium in Melbourne.

Tigers fans have been welcomed back to the stadium in recent years.

With a new Tiger home in the works, the club is gearing up for their next match against Collingwood next week.

It is also hoped that the new home will give Tiger fans another opportunity to enjoy the game.

Mr Jager is hoping to build the new stadium around a new brand of paint, which is currently being developed by the city of St Katherine.

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