“The only thing that keeps us going, is the passion and the energy that goes into it,” says Shai Rabinovich, a 27-year-old graphic designer who recently graduated from New York University.

Rabinovitch, who now lives in Tel Aviv, began creating nail art for friends, family and clients as a way to connect with his family.

“We used to do it for fun, to do with our friends and relatives, and we thought it was a really beautiful way to say goodbye,” he says.

“It was a very simple way to show that we are still connected with each other, that we have a place to call home.”

The art is done by spraying acrylic paint onto a nail, and then dabbing a thin layer of the paint onto the nail.

The result looks like a rainbow.

Rabinovich says that he has also been inspired by the work of painter and graffiti artist Alex de la Torre, whose paintings have appeared on the walls of Israeli embassies, government buildings and the walls in many Israeli communities.

“He’s very famous for using the brush and his paint, and creating something very abstract,” Rabinovic says.

The artist and artist has also inspired him to take up art.

In 2014, Rabinowicz created a series of paintings of an Israeli flag painted on the inside of a nail with the message “All Israelis deserve freedom.”

He has also made the most of his newfound freedom to paint on the street.

“It’s not a hobby, but I do it because it’s fun, because it feels like freedom,” Rabe said.

Rabbi Shaul Golan, the head of the Orthodox Union in Israel, which promotes a Jewish state and is a leading voice in Israel’s democratic process, says he has never seen anything like it.

“I think it is very important to paint your nails, to paint a nail art, that’s the only way you can express yourself,” he said.

“And you can do it even if you don’t have the right skills, if you just know how to paint.”