It is not uncommon for nail plants to be sold in stores for hundreds of dollars each.

But there are some things to be aware of when purchasing a nail plant from Australia.

What to look out for First of all, nail plants are not legal to grow in Australia and, like any illegal plants, you can’t grow them indoors or in the garden.

If you do decide to grow them outdoors, be aware that many people will take a photo and post it on Facebook.

There are a number of reasons why people will post photos of their nail plants online.

Some will post it because they are attracted to the cute and quirky look of the plants.

Others will post the photos to advertise a new nail plant.

Others may be looking for a new source of revenue and want to promote their product online.

This may include promoting a new or improved nail plant, advertising the plant online or promoting the product itself on social media.

If the photos or videos are posted on Facebook, they may be shared by other people on the same social network and may get shared by people who are not related to the people posting them.

Some people may also use the photos in their own advertisements or promotions, without permission, to promote products or services from a company.

Be aware that the photos and videos posted by people on social networks can be viewed by others and may also be used to make other people feel like they have made a mistake.

The Australian Government has been cracking down on nail plant sellers for a long time, particularly on the overseas markets where the nail plant industry is the biggest.

The laws are strict and nail plants will have to be destroyed before they can be sold.

But if you are not aware of the laws, it is best to contact the local authorities and seek legal advice.