When a nail plant in Orlando is transformed into a giant nail bed, it becomes a national treasure.

The nail bed was planted by local artist and artist-in-residence at St. Johns, Michelle Piazza, who has worked on hundreds of nails in her life.

She calls it “a beautiful piece of work,” and has also donated it to a local charity.

The plant has become so popular, she said, that it now features prominently in the garden at her home, where she and her husband, Matthew, are raising money to renovate the area.

Piazza said she chose the area because it’s so well-known for its beautiful nail beds.

It’s an area that is known for the beautiful, vibrant colors and flowers.

So I wanted to create a piece that would stand out.

And I wanted it to have the same beautiful, natural feel that I would expect from a local nail shop,” she said.

The garden has been a fixture in the couple’s yard since Piazzas husband, a veterinarian, started the business.

The Piazos live in Orlando, but the couple said it’s not an easy task to keep their nails in the same place.

The nail bed is a huge part of their yard, so it’s a big source of pride to them to see their nails on display.

“It’s a beautiful piece that we’re trying to preserve for generations to come.””

It’s like we’re growing the garden, and we’re putting it out in the public domain,” Matthew Piaza said.

“It’s a beautiful piece that we’re trying to preserve for generations to come.”

Piazzos husband said the family was so proud to see the nail plant take on a life of its own.

“This is something that we are very proud of, and it’s something that’s just going to continue to grow and grow and just grow,” he said.