The Mississippi nail plant sold its $20 million deal to the same buyer who bought the Kansas City, Mo., plant in May, and the two firms said Monday they would keep the Mississippi deal in place.

The company said the sale of the Kansas plant to a private buyer was the first of its kind.

The Kansas sale was the second-largest in the state.

The new buyer, the largest buyer of Missouri nail plants in the country, will use a new technology to make its products more effective, the company said in a statement.

The new technology allows for more precision, and reduces costs.

The deal was announced Monday in the Kansas capital of Topeka.

It was announced by Matt Felt, president of the state’s largest trade association, the Missouri State Conference of Commerce.

Felt also was a keynote speaker at the event.

The buyer of the Mississippi plant, a group of companies called Mississippi Nail, will buy the Kansas one, the deal said.

The company will be based in Springfield, Mo.