A nail salon in Florida, which is known for its collection of nail clipper pieces, is in talks to acquire the largest collection of nails clipping plants in the country.

The company, called Dental Clipper Brands, has plans to purchase an average of 1,500 nail clippers per month, according to The Miami Herald.

The largest nail clipping plant in the US is in the town of Boca Raton, Florida, home of the popular Boca Chica nail salon, which has been open since 1954.

According to the Herald, the owners of the Florida plant have been discussing the possibility of selling the plants and its collection since the fall of 2017.

However, it was not clear when or if the deal would go through.

The Herald reported that the nail clips are made in China and shipped to the US via UPS and FedEx.

They are sold for $8.95 a piece, or around $3.50 per piece, and come in two sizes: standard and thick.

Nail clippers are made from an adhesive that is often applied to the nail to hold it in place.

The clippers can also be dipped into a solution of nail polish remover and/or nail varnish to make them last longer.

The nail clappers, which are used to clog the nails and leave them dry, are known for their intricate designs and the fact that they can also come in multiple colors.