If you’re looking for a manicure that looks like you did on Instagram or Pinterest, this tutorial may be for you.

Nail polish brand Nail Salon is using nail polish to mimic the look of your favorite nail art, which is why the company is launching the #NailPolish Instagram account to help you recreate the look.

“When we designed our new Instagram account, we realized that it’s not just for nail art,” Nail Spa founder, Lisa Mays, told Newsweek.

“It’s also for our customers to see our new nail polish line, which we are launching with Instagram.”

Mays, who owns Nail Salons in New York City, told us the goal of the Instagram account is to bring the nail art look to Instagram.

“Instagram is so different from the rest of the world,” she said.

“But there’s something about the nail polish look that has been replicated in Instagram.

It’s fun to do something for your fans and it’s really easy to share with others.

We’re hoping that it will be a way for us to share our amazing nail art with people who don’t know about us.

We’ve been seeing a lot of people asking us if they can recreate the nail painting look with NailSalons nail polish.

The answer is, yes!

We can make it look as good as Instagram!”

Nail Salon also released an infographic to help users understand the nail polishing process.

“Nail polish is a very difficult thing to do,” Mays said.

So, she created a nail polish recipe that you can find on her Instagram page, and then, to help everyone replicate the look, she shared the recipe on her own Instagram account.

Here’s a look at some of the other nail art styles the company has released.

We also took a look back at some nail art trends we noticed on Instagram a few months ago.

Nails with a bright red color are a trend that will likely continue.

The #NailsAreBright is a trend to go back to and that trend is already showing up on Instagram.